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Flush Doors

Whether you are entering a home or an office, you enter through the door. Thus, door assumes prime importance in our lives. Because we fully understand this, we offer you a wide range of doors that will help you enter a new era of your life, thereby renovating it. Our doors are well accepted in projects, corporates and societies. With the urge to create something new, Big Leaf Doors keep on introducing something new and better on a monthly basis.

Big Leaf Flush Doors are a wide range of eco friendly premium doors made by a mechanized manufacturing process which offers uniform thickness without any undulation and smooth surface for lamination. They provide all the key functions of a top quality door including security, protection from weather, privacy and status value which comes with their good looks. Moreover , strict quality checking procedures are followed. Features include:

  • No wraping/bending/sagging/deformation
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Stability in varying humidity
  • High screw holding capacity
  • Zero deflection in flexure and edge loading
  • 100% boiling water proof